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The Happiness Of A Family With 3 People With Disabilities

Dead end!

Tuan (25) lives with his parents and brother in Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam province. Tuan was born with birth defects and was physically and mentally underdeveloped. Tuan’s father has a disabled left leg due to a traffic accident 10 years ago. Tuan’s brother, Hau, suffers from schizophrenia.

Tuan often fell due to weak legs and seizures. On Tuan’s head, there were always many big lumps resulting from these falls. Tuan couldn’t pronounce clearly and was afraid to communicate with others. As such, Tuan only stayed inside the house, looking out the door with a sad face. While parents were at work, 2 brothers stayed at home taking care of each other. At that moment, Tuan still needed a lot of support to perform daily activities.

Hau, Tuan’s brother also suffered from insomnia and seizures. Depressed that he couldn’t do anything to support the family that he loved so much, he sought smoking as a way to reduce all stress.

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(Hau and Tuan)

Hau and Tuan’s, Mr. Kim, despite defects in his left leg, still tries to help through farming or working outside to earn extra income.

All the burden then falls on the shoulders of a 60-year-old woman, mother of Tuan and Hau. She used to be a brave volunteer on many battlefields during wartime in Vietnam. Perhaps because of the effects of Agent Orange, her two sons were not born as normal as other children. At this point, her family was at a dead end.


After joining the project, Tuan’s whole family was revived!

Tuan was practiced by Ms. Hanh, an experienced rehabilitation technician, 2-3 times a week at home. Tuan’s mother and brother were also trained to practice for Tuan more at home. The project staff also installed handrails in the toilet and bathroom so that Tuan can perform daily activities more safely and actively.

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(Tuan practiced rehabilitation exercises with the therapist)

Hau and his father received consultation from nursing staff and commune health workers on methods to take care of themselves such as limiting smoking and taking medicine on time.

After 5 months of receiving physical therapy service from Inclusion 1, our assessing team is extremely happy to see that 3 members of Tuan’s family have had positive changes. Tuan can walk more stably and doesn’t fall as much as before. Tuan became optimistic, he always expressed his welcomeness whenever we visited. He can even remember the project’s name!

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(Hau helps his family with housework)

Hau is now healthier and more confident. He is able to take care of himself and can even work as hired labor, mowing grass and raising cattle. He feels delighted that he can do something to contribute to his family.

Mr.Kim, after receiving treatment for his left leg, can walk more easily with less pain, therefore, he can provide his wife with more support.

Of all, the happiest person is probably the mother of the family. With the progress and support of her loved ones, the burden on her shoulders is relieved.

“All I can say is that… Thank you, Inclusion 1! Thank you so much!”

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