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Mom! My Dream Of Walking Has Come True

On the final day of the rehabilitation program, Vui burst into tears, and said to her mother, “Mom! My dream of walking has come true!”

Nguyen Thi Vui (9 years old) lives in A Luoi district, Thua Thien Hue province. She was born with spastic legs and could only walk by two hands (crawl). Because of this, she felt unconfident and difficult to open up to strangers. All of her daily activities were completely dependent on her mother. Vui’s family financial situation cannot afford any access to professional examination and treatment, therefore, her parents never once dared to think of a day that miracle would happen.

hòa nhập 1/inclusion 1

(Vui practiced rehabilitation exercises with the therapist)

After being examined by technicians and doctors from “Inclusion 1” project, the first objective was to reduce spasticity by improving ankle stiffness so that she could walk on her own. Apart from the given rehabilitation exercises, the technician also guided Vui to perform some daily self-care activities as part of the therapy.

Thanks to the technician’s efforts and the family’s active participation, after 5 months, she was able to walk all on her own. Seeing Vui can now easily walk around and play with friends is such unmeasurable happiness for the family. Moreover, her daily activities are becoming more independent and rarely need mother’s support.

hòa nhập 1/inclusion 1

(Vui practiced rehabilitation exercises with the therapist)

The day our team went to her family for re-evaluation, we were surprised by Vui’s welcomed attitude. Her mother also expressed her overwhelming joy at today’s achievement, saying “I gave birth to Vui but it is Inclusion 1 project that brought light to her life. It is an immensely precious gift to our family.”

On behalf of the Inclusion 1 team, we hope that Vui’s future will be as happy as the name her parents gave her*.

(“Vui” in Vietnamese means “Happy”)

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