Research Center for Inclusion

Formerly known as NLR Mekong

Health & community base rehabilitation (CBR)

Research Center for Inclusion implements inclusive health and community-based rehabilitation (CBR) programs in cooperation with Partner Organizations across the country, Myanmar and Cambodia.


The key activities include:

          • enhancing self-care skills for persons and youth with disability;
          • providing training for caregivers and their family members on rehabilitation and self-care;
          • providing physiotherapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy through local partners and local rehabilitation center;
          • providing prostheses for persons affected by leprosy

Physiotherapy provided by QCA in Quang Tri and by FGCDC in Hue

Providing prostheses to persons with disabilities


Integrated rehabilitation of persons with disability related to leprosy 2020-2021

This project is sponsored by Sasakawa Health Foundation (Japan).

The project aims at improving quality of life for people with leprosy related disability, which will enable them to live a life as they desire.

Duration: from 01/04/2020 to 31/03/2021

Implementing organizations: VNHIP (Vietnam Health Improvement Project) and Chi Linh Leprosy Hospital 

Project locations: Da Nang City and Chi Linh Leprosy Hospital in Hai Duong City, Vietnam


    1. Building capacity of community health and social workers on early detection/screening and referral of people with leprosy-related disability to hospital;
    2. Increasing their accessibility to rehabilitation and social services through supports in treatment at community health stations;
    3. Strengthening integration of people with leprosy related disability into society and improving their material well-being (through social activities, outdoor visits and activities at community house).
Prosthesis care and school support to children of parents affected by leprosy in Vietnam 2018-2021

This project is sponsored by the Peerke Donders Foundation (Peerke Donders Stichting in Dutch).

The project aims at providing prostheses or/and repairing services for people affected by leprosy in Vietnam and scholarships for children of families affected by leprosy.

Duration: from 2018 to 2021

Implementing organizations: Partner organizations under the Department of Health and leprosy hospitals 

Project locations: 17 provinces in the North, Central and South of Vietnam


    1. Prosthetic care for persons affected by leprosy in Vietnam;
    2. Scholarship for Children from poor families with persons affected by leprosy;
    3. Emergency relief/ Food relief for person affected by leprosy in Vietnam.