Research Center for Inclusion

Formerly known as NLR Mekong

Health & community base rehabilitation (CBR)

Research Center for Inclusion implements inclusive health and community-based rehabilitation (CBR) programs in cooperation with Partner Organizations across the country, Myanmar and Cambodia.


The key activities include:

          • enhancing self-care skills for persons and youth with disability;
          • providing training for caregivers and their family members on rehabilitation and self-care;
          • providing physiotherapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy through local partners and local rehabilitation center;
          • providing prostheses for persons affected by leprosy.


Integrated rehabilitation of persons with disability related to leprosy 2020-2021

This project is sponsored by Sasakawa Health Foundation (Japan).

The project aims at improving quality of life for people with leprosy related disability, which will enable them to live a life as they desire.

Duration: from 01/04/2020 to 31/03/2021

Implementing organizations: VNHIP (Vietnam Health Improvement Project) and Chi Linh Leprosy Hospital 

Project areas: Da Nang City and Chi Linh Leprosy Hospital in Hai Duong City, Vietnam


    1. Building capacity of community health and social workers on early detection/screening and referral of people with leprosy-related disability to hospital;
    2. Increasing their accessibility to rehabilitation and social services through supports in treatment at community health stations;
    3. Strengthening integration of people with leprosy related disability into society and improving their material well-being (through social activities, outdoor visits and activities at community house).