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Without arms, a boy embraces the future

Lal Rem Ruata was born in 2007. He is the eldest of four children in his family. He was born without arms and his one leg is shorter than the other. Overcoming his difficult situation, he became so skillful with his right foot that he could use it like other fingers. After his parents divorced, Rem Ruata moved to her grandmother’s house with her mother and siblings. Each day, they struggle to put food on the table. His grandmother and mother do casual work and earn only 80 dollars per month for the whole family.

Despite his marvelous ability is writing with his toe, Rem Ruata was not allowed to enroll in school. He was heartbroken, his mother, not sure where to find help, she felt hopeless. Then his neighbors contacted the director of the DDI*.

After meeting with the family and evaluating their situation, DDI, on behalf of Rem Ruata, lobbied the District Education Department; eventually, he was able to enroll in school. DDI’s involvement did not stop there, to accommodate Rem Ruata’s unique writing technique, DDI created a special desk that would make it easier for the boy to use his foot. They also subsidize his tuition and school supplies monthly.

Now Rem Ruata is in grade 5. He loves school and has many friends. His mother is thrilled that her son has a promising future – that he will not be a “wasted person.” Although he still faces challenges, he is perpetually cheerful. He looks forward to work with computer when he grows up.

*Disability Development Initiative, Myanmar

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