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Quyen’s development journey

Quyen is a 8 years old girl and studies in grade 3. When Quyen was born, her mother had high blood pressure and couldn’t give birth naturally, so Quyen was born by caesarean. During the caesarean, doctors tried their best but Quyen’s right arm muscle was broken. After the caesarean, the doctors consulted and advised Quyen’s family to take her to surgery to reconnect her broken muscle cord when she turned 10 years old. However, this accident affects Quyen’s daily life and her study alot. She has to practice to write and do daily activities only by her left hand. Gradually, her right arm became unusable and smaller. Her mother worries that one day this right arm will become paralyzed if there’s no intervention is taken. However, due to the long distance, difficult economic conditions as well as the impact of the covid pandemic, for more than 1 year, her family has not been able to take Quyen to the hospital for examination and rehabilitation. Meanwhile, the team of health workers at commune and district levels is still not qualified enough to support.

Knowing Quyen’s plight, VNHIP supported her family and took her to Da Nang Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Hospital where she was examined mobility capacity and consulted by professional doctors. At first, she was provided a wrist hand brace in order to assist her right arm and guided how to practice at home. Her mother gained an understanding of her child’s situation and could support her in practicing at home. In addition, doctors suggested to use an electronic pulse massager to stimulate her arm muscles. As a result, after 6 months of practicing and using the electronic pulse massager, her arm has become flexible and she can move and control 3 fingers. Quyen’s mother is very happy to see her positive change and is determined to encourage Quyen to practice holding something with her right hand.

With the support from the VNHIP project in combination with the attention and encouragement from the teachers. Quyen’s teachers were also trained to have more effective methods of supporting her. Besides, Quyen has the opportunity to participate in social events such as We Ring The Bell, Children’s New Year, study tour, she is also supported with physical therapy equipment. Thanks to that, Quyen became confident and studied more and more diligently. She happily shared with us:  “I love drawing, singing and my dream is to become a teacher in the future.” We believe that these meaningful supports will encourage her to continue studying and realize her dreams.