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I am very happy with the support from DDSP

My name is Touch Dany, 34 years old, Yun Reaksa’s mother, an 11- year-old boy with autism. My family was middle-class. I am selling groceries and drinks, while my husband is a blacksmith. We have four children and Reaksa is the first son. We live at Sathany village, Svay Ath commune, Pursat city, Pursat province.

When Reaksa was one-year-old he was taken to the local health center for the polio protection. After 3 months’ time he looked very weak and I took him to the Kuntha Bopha Hospital in Capital, Phnom Penh. The doctor said Reaksa was facing with slow progress of both intellectual and physical functioning. I was shocked with what the doctor said and took him back home, feeling very exhausted and hopeless. When Reaksa was five I enrolled him at the Government primary school near my house, but the teacher could not manage and control Reaksa’s behavior. Then, the teacher asked me to stop taking Reaksa to school.

In 2018, because of DDSP* I know my son with autism, and living with intellectual disabilities. He was enrolled to Prey Ngy integrated class then after meeting with DDSP. I was asked by to sit down and discussed about what my son would be trained and developed. I was so glad that my son is going to be training on positive behavior and life skill training, receive special education, nutrition and referral for health care and special care. It really improved my son’s problem. At the same time; my son has been supported to attend many social activities such as children rehabilitation retreat, International Day for People with Disabilities and lots of social interactions. We have been counselling to manage our business well.

I noticed that, the project staff of DDSP come to my house every month to provide counseling to my family and push my husband and me to take good care of my son. They provided us one bicycle, some learning materials and school uniform for my son to go to school.

I am happy with the DDSP organization’s activities because my child has the opportunity to attend school and improve his daily work. I hope my son will have a better future, because of the support and encouragement from DDSP project. I wish the organization continued to help my children and family and wish the organization to continue to grow forever.

*Disability Development Services Program, Pursat Province, Cambodia