Research Center for Inclusion

Formerly known as NLR Mekong

Trieu Phong: The communication about community-based rehabilitation (CBR)

On September 17, 2019, in Trieu Thuan commune, Quang Tri Charity Association (QCA) from Quang Tri province  and Research Center for Inclusion  (RCI),  in collaboration with People’s Committee of Trieu Phong District, organised a communication conference on community-based rehabilitation (CBR) follow a comprehensive model for people with disability. Attending the conference were Mr. Nguyen Van Kim, president of QCA and leaders from different departments and divisions of District level.

Currently, in Trieu Phong district, there are 2,938 people with disability (PWDs) receiving monthly social allowances, including 341 people with extremely serious disability and 2,426 people with serious disability. Over the past years, in addition to focusing on economic development, Trieu Phong District has offered much more special cares for people with disability (PWD). Results from this policy indicate that PWD are increasingly protected and cared for, their spiritual life is stable, their basis right of the PWD are guaranteed.

With the purpose of helping PWD to inclusive in the community, the communication conference has supported the team of collaborators and families of PWD to specifically access such as:  + learn about the disability process and how to practice rehabilitation, + find out the method for detecting PWD, and how to implement community-based rehabilitation. Via this conference, the PWD are helped to access full rehabilitation services as well as to improve gradually the quality of their life.